How Chip Leader Coaching Helped Mark Davis to a WPT Title and a $1M Score

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Mark Davis

What People Say

I thought it would switch based on calendar month, which is why I posed the question. I just joined in March, so I'll see if it does the same thing next month. Loving the software!!! Foxen made a comment in one of the Closer training videos about how a lot of training sites just do a mini-mash of hand commentary and I now totally agree. I've had a membership on Jonathan Little's site and just this new way of learning.. This interactive AI is fantastic! It keeps me engaged and interested and I'm learning SO much. Thanks to all of you!

Jeff Chester
CLC Member

Thanks to the coaches and players I played with. Being able to discuss situations with other members is invaluable. Something I was able to apply immediately and others go in the bank and I was able to use for later, I really feet that if I don't get beat on that hand and I take this event down. Let's goooo CLC!!!

Mike VW
CLC Member

Thank you!!! CLC coaching is certainly helping and giving me tons of confidence.

Brett bader
CLC Member

The March 1 on 1 we did at the last minute was the most helpful for this soft field. I got a good 3 bet squeeze through with a8o in SB, I'm folding to short stack shoves, preserving chips, taking good lines, etc... but basically everything we covered has happened again and this time much better results hopefully can final table it tomorrow but just wanted to say that coaching is definitely helping.

Mark Scacewater
CLC Member

I've honestly learned more from Chance and CLC in the last year that I've been in the team than I have in my 20 years of playing poker. I'm fortunates to be on the team with such amazing players who are all eager to help us win. #clcsquad

Kobi Ribak
CLC Member

I’ve played 50,000+ tournaments both online and live but still run into spots every session where I don’t know WTF to do. Training away from the table with CL AI helps me feel prepared to navigate the close spots, so I feel more confident trusting my intuition during the crucial spots down the stretch.

James Rann
CLAI User & CLC Student

Discussing hand histories with Chance and Alex is (albeit humbling) the most valuable poker education I’ve ever received. Using CL AI feels like I have 24/7 access to their brains, and has shown me a clear path to becoming a more profitable tournament player.

Christian Soto-Vasquez
CLC Graduate & Cash Game Pro

I’ve definitely noticed my pre-flop decisions have become practically automatic; ICM spots that used to dumbfound me have become second nature. Every session I’m growing more comfortable taking creative lines, which has helped me stay one step ahead of the regs who only focus their study on GTO solutions.

Brian Williams

Chance and Foxen are unquestionably among the best poker players in the world. Everyone knows about their fearless table presence but what impresses me most is their work ethic, and dedication to putting in hours at the table. I highly recommend them as poker instructors.

Ryan Riess
WSOP Main Event Winner, WPT Champion

I have been lucky enough to have had many poker conversations with Chance, and am continuously impressed by the fact that I never leave one without learning something. It is a testament to his insane work ethic: Chance is constantly thinking about spots, analyzing them, coming up with unique lines, and, most importantly by far, trying them in real settings at the highest stakes.

Jesse Sylvia
WSOP Main Event Winner & WPT Champ

Chance is one of the toughest opponents I come across on a regular basis. He is a smart, creative player who applies pressure like few else. I think basically anyone who's looking to improve at MTTs could learn a lot from his unique approach to the game. I love how it adjusts to my skill level.

Pratyush Buddiga
EPT Champion

Chance combines a deep technical understanding of the game with an incredible ability to read his opponents both based on their tendencies and body language. I enjoy having him at my table for the banter, but he is tough to play against.

Daniel Negreanu
#1 All-Time Live Poker Earnings

Chance is the one guy who thinks of more creative spots than I do, and one of the few guys I try to consistently talk strategy with. To my students, I always recommend they hire Chance for his expertise in live NL MTT’s.

Shaun Deeb
Two-Time WSOP Bracelet Winner

Chance is one of the most feared and respected high stakes MTT regs in today’s game. Whenever I come across a tough spot that I don’t know the answer to, Chance is the first guy I run the situation by.

Connor Drinan
EPT High-Roller Champion

I’ve played 100’s of hours in high-stakes tourneys with Chance. His ability to see subtle details in a hand is what separates him from other players. Each time we discuss hands together I’m able to come away with a new breakthrough for approaching tough spots.

Anthony Zinno
WSOP Bracelet Winner and Three-Time

In the time I've known and played with Chance I've gotten to know his personality and intentions. His conduct is kind and composed at the table and his play is creative and tenacious. I think he is a great thinker and is certainly approaching the game from more than one angle.

Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger
WSOP Bracelet Winner & Online Legend

Observing how Chance and Alex approach preflop and postflop situations with both bluff and value ranges has made me realize just how much I have to learn, and how wide the skill level gap between mid-stakes grinders and high-stakes crushers is

Joe McKeehen
WSOP Main Event Champion

Chance and I have been discussing hands for almost 10 years now. Being able to regularly discuss strategy with him in the past has definitely influenced my success at the table.

Ben Lamb
2011 WSOP Player of the Year

I've never thought about the game and my decision making the way I do now. We are very fortunate to been a part of something this great #CLCSquad

Michael Scott Cooper
CLC Member

Just won my 1st WSOP bracelet and made several deep runs in major tournaments since working with Chance. I cannot recommend him and CLC enough!

Vito DiStefano
WSOP Bracelet Winner

Hey Chance! I know this is out of nowhere, but I wanted to ask in case it would be possible. I've been using CLC and your AI system since the beginning of the summer, and it has exceeded all my expectations and has immensely increased by skill level

Aidan Reilly
CLC Member

Hello, I just wanted to send a quick note on the Air software. I have been working with it for a little over a month, and have been learning a lot. Just this past weekend, I took 2nd place for $123k at the MSPT Running Aces. Appreciate the quality product, and look forward to working through more of the AI module.

Ben Hanson
MSPT Running Aces 2nd Placer

I took down another! Hoping to move up to play some $600 events next week! Ready to get that first major score. I have 9 wins in my last 28 live events. CLC has changed my game so much. I am so grateful for Chance and the feedback from the group!

Chris Allen
CLC Member

Just 2 months after signing up with @ChipLDR, we had an amazing showing at WSOP Circuit in Cherokee, going 7 for 7 cashes, including one bitter-sweet 2nd place finish... thanks Chance!

Daniel Pearlman
CLC Member

I know last year I did a lot of CLC AI work during my WSOP tournament series we had in MD for a seat. That made the absolute difference in getting me through tough spots. It won me a seat and definitely believe in your system! Thank you!

CLC Member

Since joining CLC, I've won 2 small live events (MSPT) and cashed 3/5 mains that I've played this year (no big scores yet but was CL in one)

Justin Lynch
CLC Member